Our Approach

To succeed in a rapidly changing industry, nimbleness and flexibility are essential.

Constant research into future consumer demands feeds our obsession to find creative and innovative ways of improving performance in every aspect of our business. And our disciplined strategic master planned approach to each of our hotel and lodging properties delivers best-in-class asset performance.

We constantly re-examine every aspect of our properties to look for the highest and best use and yield of every square foot, recognizing that we are in the commercial real estate business and that profitable value added strategic investment and reinvestment is a constant in sustaining value maximization.

Our market share and industrial-engineered approach to operations leads to continued operational outperformance. And, our creative and tailored approach to finance structures that match the needs of each of our properties adds to superior investor returns for all of our stakeholders.

We believe that constant, transparent and iterative dialogue with stakeholders is a key component of our long history of delivering impressive results on three continents

We strive to set the standard for professional performance in the hotel and lodging industry and will never accept mediocrity in any aspect of our business. Simply stated, we will never stand still in our quest forever improving performance and value from our real estate.

Our Team